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Descriptions derived from the 2nd Constitution

President of Boundary Land
The President is the leader of Boundary Land.

Major Powers:
1.) right to meet with any of the others at any time,
2.) power to call the Legislature together at any time,
3.) power to issue an executive order concerning any laws,
4.) the right to declare war, with proper legislative assent,
5.) the right to advise the Secretary of Defense,
6.) and the right to an undisputed escort anywhere he travels.

Starting Buildings:
1.)Capitol of Boundary Land Building
2.)President's Mansion
3.)Emergency Command Center (of any size)
4.)Executive Field (president's private airport)
6.)Railroad Headquarters/Customs Office
7.)Court of Boundary Land
8.)Boundary Land Executive Supervision Administration Building (BLESA)

Minister of the Interior
The Minister is responsible for the nation's internal affairs and is the Vice President.

Major Powers:
1.) The undisputed head of the Interior and the Buddy L Trucking Company,
2.) the Vice Presidency,
3.) the right to a military command,
4.) the right to inspect buildings,
5.) monitor the border,
6.) patrol and operate certain areas of Boundary Land,
7.) is entitled to have the power of issuing licenses for companies,
8.) permits for construction of private airports, spaceports, and buildings,
9.) patents and copyrights for ideas or processes,
10.) & the right to withhold licenses or permits from reprehensible people.

Starting Buildings:
1.)Office of the Interior (Headquarters)
2.)Minister's Mansion
3.)Boundary Land Commercial Spaceport & Buddy L Trucking Depot
4.)Boundary Land Commercial Airport
5.)Beacon Utilities Administration & Plant (Power & Water)
6.)Greenwood National Park
7.)Chamber of Commerce/Post Office Building
8.)Office of Planning & Land Use

Chief Executive Officer of the Bank
The CEO is the nation's chief economist and its head of public safety.

Major Powers:
1.) Right to be the only person operating the bank unless permission is given,
2.) Right to a military command,
3.) Undisputed head of police, fire, and the hospital,
4.) The head of the Office of the Economic Development Administration,
5.) and the right to petition the President to call a meeting.

Starting Buildings:
1.)Bank of Boundary Land
2.)CEO's Mansion
3.)Police Headquarters
4.)Fire/Paramedical Headquarters
5.)Hospital of Boundary Land
6.)Boundary Land Stock Exchange Building
7.)Municipal Airfield (Police, Fire, Paramedical airport only)
8.)Office of the Economic Development Administration (OEDA)

Secretary of Defense
The Secretary is Boundary Land's military and defense leader.

Major Powers:
1.) Right to control the military without other interference,
2.) Right to send any military units into action,
3.) Right to meet with the President undisturbed,
4.) And is entitled to be the only one who may open the Boundary Land Defense Fortress.

Starting Buildings:
1.)Triangle Building (headquarters of Boundary Land Defense Administration)
2.)Secretary's Mansion
3.)Fort Impassable/Villeneuve Training Center
4.)Sprague Air Force Base
5.)Boundary Land Naval Shipyards
6.)Boundary Land Defense Fortress (for protection of government officials)
7.)Camp Rogers (Marines Command Base)
8.)Boundary Land Intelligence Center

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