About the Boundary Land Stock Market & Exchange
Information provided from the Constitution and the BLSME

To read Article XVII (The Stock Market) in the Constitution, click 2nd Constitution (above) or Download Brochure (left). The article is contained in both files. The BLSME was founded on January 20th, 2002, by President Andrew Villeneuve. Its instructions were later written for the use of a later Boundary Land, and incorporated into the 2nd Constitution.

The BLSME is a very basic stock market. In any stock market, companies divide their ownership into shares and sell each share for a certain amount of money. Buyers (stockholders) then own part of that company, depending on how much stock they have bought. The BLSME only allows companies to sell nineteen shares of stock. Why nineteen?

First, the BLSME aims to stay simple. With only nineteen shares, there isn't much to keep track of, which makes everything easier. And second, an odd number of shares also ensures that there is a majority of stocks. There can be no possible tie between shareholders with an odd number of shares.

Certain regulations control the price of the stock. The minimum price, according to the Constitution, can be automatically changed. Factors include how many shares the company has sold and how much profit it has earned. During a forty or sixty minute time segment, companies operate normally, carrying out their operations and selling or buying stocks. At the end of the time segment, a profit report is filed to document achievements and statistics from each company. Dividends are also distributed to shareholders in the company, dividing by nine and assigning proportions of shares from there.

The BLSME's most successful companies include Expeditions West, the VistaTrans Group, Quadrant DE, Yogi Jordan's Tea, the Boundary Land Post, Poinsettia Raceway, and the four construction companies of Boundary Land. The record stock price belongs to Expeditions West, with a $120.00 closing stock price. The record profit belongs to the VistaTrans Group, with a profit of $520.00 for a single time segment.

Each officer's portfolio envelope includes the shares of stock they have bought, as well as the shares of stock they own and have not yet sold.

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