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The OEDA Points Plan rewards Boundary Land players for contributing to Boundary Land’s economic health and encourages players to compete against each other in a friendly demeanor to see who can earn the most points. The OEDA awards points for the following activities:
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The sum of all points a player collects is their grand total. After all grand totals are tabulated, they are compared against each other to see which player earned the most points. The OEDA also produces a report which tallies how many buildings the players built, as well as the Top 5 companies with the highest profit and the highest stock price, and numerous other statistics.

The player with the most points is the winner and will receive a trophy each time they win the Boundary Land Points Plan. The OEDA keeps track of all the winners of the Points Plan.

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Top 5 – 6 or 12 points
Companies receive 6 points if they are one of the top five companies with the highest stock price or the highest profit. Companies qualifying for both get 12 points.

Developed – 4 points
Companies which fully develop their business plans (build or lease a headquarters, make a profit, acquire assets, etc.) but do not qualify for the Top 5 receive 4 points.

Slightly developed – 2 points
A company which only slightly pursues its business plan (doesn’t make a profit, controls few assets) receives 2 points. They must at least have a headquarters.

Originated – 1 point
Companies that are licensed, but do nothing beyond building/leasing a headquarters receive 1 point. Players cannot receive points for more than four of these.

Stock Market
Shares of Stock Bought – 1 point a share
Officers are rewarded for investing in public companies by receiving 1 point for every share they buy.

Dividends – 4 points per $100
For every $100 that officers collect in dividend payments (counting all of the companies they have invested in) 4 points will be awarded.

Profit Milestones – 2 points per milestone
Each time a company that you own at least three shares in reaches a profit milestone, you receive 2 points.

Small – 2 points
Freestanding shops or restaurants, airstrips, car dealerships, schools, churches, bungalows or multiple story houses not part of a development.

Medium – 4 points
Office complexes, industrial parks, multiplexes, freestanding housing developments, condominium developments, malls, smaller factories

Large – 6 points
Skyscrapers, multiplexes built with commercial space, (mixed use), tower blocks, townhouse developments, large factories.

Financial Assets – 2 points per $100
Players receive 2 points for every $100 in their Holdings accounts or personal savings accounts.

Business Transactions
Transactions – 2 points per 10
Players receive 2 points every time they make ten financial transactions, excluding the payment of taxes or fees to the government, loan payments, & salary deposits.

Quadrant Population – 2 points p. 100
Players receive 2 points for every 100 people living in their quadrant. The population is counted by tabulating how many housing developments an officer has built and how many people each development can house.

OEDA Reports
March 2002 Statistics
April 2003 Statistics
February 2004 Statistics (Friends)