Boundary Land Players Association
The Official Organization for Boundary Land Players

Welcome to the BLPA, or Boundary Land Players' Association! The BLPA is a group of bright-minded intellectuals who share a common pastime: the game of Boundary Land. The BLPA consists of Boundary Land's creators and players throughout history, as well as graduates of the Boundary Land Institute.

Executive Committee
President: Founder Andrew Villeneuve
Vice President: Founder Jordan Villeneuve
Public Relations: Founder Matthew Villeneuve
Historian: Founder Nathan Villeneuve
Alumni Representative: Samuel Ranellucci, B.L.A.

Other Members
David Vautin, B.L.A.
Evan Caulley, B.L.A.
Andrew Muilenburg, B.L.F.
Matthew Muilenburg, B.L.F.
Andy Whipple, B.L.F.
Benjamin Whipple, B.L.F.

*Founder- One of the four creators of Boundary Land.
*B.L.A.- Boundary Land Administration. A graduate of the BL Institute Administration program.
*B.L.F.- Boundary Land Fellow. Distinguished player in Boundary Land history.

Copyright 2005 Imaginaire Ventures, The Government of Boundary Land.
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