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What is Boundary Land? Well, Boundary Land may be the most interesting and the longest-lasting game ever played. For Boundary Land can go on for days, and it is no ordinary game. My name is Andrew Villeneuve. I'm going to relate the history of Boundary Land to you, and then tell you how it basically operated before and how it does now. And, you'll also learn why anyone can play Boundary Land.

Some years ago, when I was in the fourth or fifth grades, cousins Matthew and Jordan were over. We were playing with the toys allotted in a corner and just enjoying ourselves. It just so happened that Jordan, Matthew, and I had developed a prejudice against my brother Nathan. How that came to be we do not know. We do know that Nathan came and set up across the room with his toys. Well, we, being high minded and looking down on Nathan, we decided to keep him out, for we thought it was obvious he was trying to get closer to us. Using the Brio railroad tracks, we built a boundary out of the railroad, complete with an entryway drawbridge. Inside, we set up all of our toys: cars, blocks, Duplos, Legos, etc. Nathan hadn't a chance to get in to our little empire.

Suggestions for a name didn't take long. Somehow, Boundary Land popped up, and that is what we named our area. Later, we needed more room, and we made peace with Nathan, incorporated him into our society, and took over all of the land outside ours until the "empire" stretched across the basement. Thus the legend of Boundary Land was born. And there have been many Boundary Lands since then.

How did Boundary Land operate back in those days? After becoming big, we designed a currency and the free enterprise part of Boundary Land came into being. Jordan has traditionally always handled banking, and I always was President. Why? Perhaps it was because I was the oldest- I'm not sure. The other positions were handling the trucking company and maintaining forces for Boundary Land Defense. There was no organization and no written laws. We just decided everything ourselves. We used our own cars and created our own interesting houses.

After a series of successive Boundary Lands, the game began to delve into arguments. It was unfair. The President and the banker were the only people with actual stable jobs. The other two didn't have any vested powers. And income was meager, coming from government projects and nothing else. We'd enjoyed playing, but it stopped being fun.

After an almost yearlong break from Boundary Land, I began thinking. Boundary Land could and should be fun. I would try to make it equal. I began to write a Constitution. Perhaps the most brilliant idea in the history of Boundary Land is contained in the Constitution. It is known as the Quarter Rule. Instead of claiming a little area of a house and private buildings, Boundary Land would be equally divided into four quarters, or quadrants; one for each of us. We would have control over our own streets and buildings, be able to name and place them where we wanted, and develop our ideas.

The Quarter Rule also gave a job to each person- we would all hold a different position. The positions were selected as the President, CEO of the Bank, Chairman of the BLDOT (Boundary Land Department of Transportation) and the Secretary of Defense. It also set up a frequent payment process so we would all have a steady income. Instead of working projects, we just did our jobs and got our money that way.

The Constitution was not short of problems. The Chairman of the BLDOT was not as equal to the other positions, and a lot of gaps existed. The Constitution succeeded for one game quite well. Several months later, we attempted it again, and a big fight broke out. We all quit playing Boundary Land and divided up into alliances- moving into another game called Villeneuve Nations.

Afterwards, the Constitution was expanded to thirteen pages and the position of the Chairman of the BLDOT was changed to the Minister of the Interior. The Minister was given the power to control the Chamber of Commerce, issuing permits and licenses, collecting taxes, operating the National Park and Power Plant, the Vice Presidency, and other powers.

The offices of BLESA, OPLU, and OEDA were also created and assigned to the President, Minister of the Interior, and CEO of the Bank in that order.

Now, Boundary Land is moving into a new age of interaction and creativity. As we move ahead, we remember our history.

Copyright 2004 Imaginaire Ventures, The Government of Boundary Land.

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